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Maximus Pharmaceutical is being build by us, as to be a company with a global research connected.
Founded in 2018 and being a relatively new company, with a fleet of over 2000 employees, Maximus Pharmaceutical have expanded to over 50 countries worldwide.

We produce a full range of endocrinology medications for the treatment of hormone related diseases.

At Maximus Pharmaceutical, science drives everything we do. Through a relentless focus on technology, science, partnership and excellence, we seek to advance patient care and deliver value through innovative therapies and services. Technology-driven development and high-quality manufacturing capabilities established Maximus Pharmaceutical as a leading player for hormone therapy.

Our fully integrated model ensures that Maximus Pharmaceutical controls all aspects of the research, development, approval and commercialization of our products. We have earned a global reputation for our strict standards, expertise in manufacturing and proven record in regulatory and clinical development. Our robust pipeline harnesses our expertise and experience, and ensures that we will carry this legacy well into the future.